Short-Term Cuts Must Not Be Sidelined in Bonn

on April 15, 2013

The Co-Chairs of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for enhanced Action (ADP) posted a second informal note reflecting on the progress made in Doha and some of the work that lies ahead this year as well as an overview of the discussions schedule for the upcoming meeting in Bonn.

You will recall that the ADP is divided into two workstreams.

Workstream 1 focuses on outlining a vision for developing a comprehensive climate agreement to be signed no later than 2015 and take effect from 2020.

Workstream 2 is intended to address short-term emissions reduction that science shows is essential to avoiding global warming in excess of 2 degrees, to say nothing of the 1.5-degree mark.

Progress on Workstream 2 is particularly important to vulnerable countries because science shows that if emissions are not reduced in the short term, well before 2020, it will likely no longer be possible to avoid a temperature increase beyond 2 degrees and a cascade of catastrophes, including the loss of entire island states.

The ADP co-chairs have proposed dividing the Bonn session into a series of workshops and roundtable discussions on the relevant work.

Prior to the Doha talks it became clear that key developed country parties would prefer to devote more energy to developing a vision for the post-2020 agreement than to deal with the short-term mitigation, so it is important for our representatives to help ensure that the discussions on Workstream 2 stay focused on action-oriented outcomes.

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