Sustainable Development

UNICEF Executive Board Statemet AOSIS BBNJ Intervention Aug 26 2016 ICP Statement 2016.06.13 High Level Thematic Debate on Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Statement-HLTD on Implementing SDGs 2016.02.22-Statement-OASPanel1AOSIS.docx 2016.02.22-Statement-OAS Dialogue with Heads of UNFP (AOSIS) Statement for the informals on the Outcome of the FFD Forum 2016.02.24-AOSIS-Partnerships 2016.02.23-AOSIS-General Debate Second Cmt Revitalization 1_26_2016 Ad hoc Committee on Debt restructuring- Third Working Session - 27July2015 Closing Ceremony of the International Year of SIDS- 24Feb2015 Financing for Development -Session 4(ReviewandFollow)- 21May2015 Financing for Development- 4th Session- 21Apr2015 HLPF2015 Ð ECOSOC Annual Ministeri al Review (Plenary) - 1July2015 HLPF2015- ECOSOC Annual Ministerial Review (General Debate)- 7Jul2015 HLPF2015- Session 2- 29Jun2015 Open-ended Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea- 6Apr2015 Post 2015 Development Agenda - Second Session-17Feb2015 Post 2015 Development Agenda- Seventh Session- 30July2015 Post-2015 Development Agenda - 3rd Session (SDG Goals and Targets) - 27Mar2015 Post-2015 Development Agenda Ð Stockt aking Session (General)- 19Jan2015 Post-2015 Development Agenda- 6th Session(Review and FollowUp)- 25Jun2015 Post-2015 Development Agenda- 7th (SDGsandTargets) -28July2015 Post-2015 Development Agenda- 7th Session (MoI) -29July2015 Post-2015 Development Agenda- High Level Thematic Debate (MoI)-9Feb2015 Post-2015 Development Agenda- Session 3- 9thFeb2015 Post-2015 Development Agenda-7th Session (FollowUpandReview)-29July2015 WSIS- High Level Meeting- 15Dec2015 WSIS- 2nd Prep Comm- 22Oct2015pdf UNGA70- 2ndComm Agenda Item 25-12Oct2015 UNGA70- 2ndComm Agenda Item 20- 20Oct2015 UNGA70- 2comm General Debate-5Oct2015pdf UNGA70- 2comm Debate (DRM) - 10Nov2015pdf UNGA70- 2comm Agenda Item 27- 4Nov2015 UNGA70- 2comm Agenda Item 19- 26Oct2015 UNGA70- 2comm Agenda Item 17-28Oct2015 UNGA70- 2comm (WorkingMethods)- 12Nov2015 UNGA70- 2comm (Conclusion)- 14Dec2015 UNGA70 -2comm Agenda Item 21- 4Nov2015 UN-OHRLLS Retreat -22Oct2015 Sendai Framework - Opening of the Third UN World Conference on DisasterRiskReduction - 14Mar2015 2015.07.27-AOSIS Statement-UN Security Council on SIDS Sustainable Development Post-2015 AOSIS Statement March 23, 2015 AOSIS Plenary Statement Sendai Meeting March 17 2015 Post-2015 Sustainable Development Stocktaking Statement AOSIS Leaders Declaration 1 September 2014- FINAL AOSIS Statement for Final Prepcom meeting 23-27 June 2014 IYSIDS Samoa Address IYSIDS Barbados Address Rio +20 Agenda Outcome - 19 May 2012 Research Dialogue - 7 May 2012 Alliance of Small Island States Statement on the Adoption of the Rio +20 Outcome document Barbados Programme of Action Mauritius Strategy Global Conf. Sustainable Development SIDS Report 2004
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