Sustainable Development

21058Final_Samoa_Outcome 2018. 10. 26 AOSIS Declaration on Climate Change for Samoa Mid term review (final) (2) High Level Climate Change and SDG statement 2017.03.07 AOSIS Statistical Commission Statement UNICEF Executive Board Statemet AOSIS BBNJ Intervention Aug 26 2016 ICP Statement 2016.06.13 High Level Thematic Debate on Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Statement-HLTD on Implementing SDGs 2016.02.22-Statement-OASPanel1AOSIS.docx 2016.02.22-Statement-OAS Dialogue with Heads of UNFP (AOSIS) Statement for the informals on the Outcome of the FFD Forum 2016.02.24-AOSIS-Partnerships 2016.02.23-AOSIS-General Debate Second Cmt Revitalization 1_26_2016 Ad hoc Committee on Debt restructuring- Third Working Session - 27July2015 Closing Ceremony of the International Year of SIDS- 24Feb2015 Financing for Development -Session 4(ReviewandFollow)- 21May2015 Financing for Development- 4th Session- 21Apr2015 HLPF2015 Ð ECOSOC Annual Ministeri al Review (Plenary) - 1July2015 HLPF2015- ECOSOC Annual Ministerial Review (General Debate)- 7Jul2015 HLPF2015- Session 2- 29Jun2015 Open-ended Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea- 6Apr2015 Post 2015 Development Agenda - Second Session-17Feb2015 Post 2015 Development Agenda- Seventh Session- 30July2015 Post-2015 Development Agenda - 3rd Session (SDG Goals and Targets) - 27Mar2015 Post-2015 Development Agenda Ð Stockt aking Session (General)- 19Jan2015 Post-2015 Development Agenda- 6th Session(Review and FollowUp)- 25Jun2015 Post-2015 Development Agenda- 7th (SDGsandTargets) -28July2015 Post-2015 Development Agenda- 7th Session (MoI) -29July2015 Post-2015 Development Agenda- High Level Thematic Debate (MoI)-9Feb2015 Post-2015 Development Agenda- Session 3- 9thFeb2015 Post-2015 Development Agenda-7th Session (FollowUpandReview)-29July2015 WSIS- High Level Meeting- 15Dec2015 WSIS- 2nd Prep Comm- 22Oct2015pdf UNGA70- 2ndComm Agenda Item 25-12Oct2015 UNGA70- 2ndComm Agenda Item 20- 20Oct2015 UNGA70- 2comm General Debate-5Oct2015pdf UNGA70- 2comm Debate (DRM) - 10Nov2015pdf UNGA70- 2comm Agenda Item 27- 4Nov2015 UNGA70- 2comm Agenda Item 19- 26Oct2015 UNGA70- 2comm Agenda Item 17-28Oct2015 UNGA70- 2comm (WorkingMethods)- 12Nov2015 UNGA70- 2comm (Conclusion)- 14Dec2015 UNGA70 -2comm Agenda Item 21- 4Nov2015 UN-OHRLLS Retreat -22Oct2015 Sendai Framework - Opening of the Third UN World Conference on DisasterRiskReduction - 14Mar2015 2015.07.27-AOSIS Statement-UN Security Council on SIDS Sustainable Development Post-2015 AOSIS Statement March 23, 2015 AOSIS Plenary Statement Sendai Meeting March 17 2015 Post-2015 Sustainable Development Stocktaking Statement AOSIS Leaders Declaration 1 September 2014- FINAL AOSIS Statement for Final Prepcom meeting 23-27 June 2014 IYSIDS Samoa Address IYSIDS Barbados Address Rio +20 Agenda Outcome - 19 May 2012 Research Dialogue - 7 May 2012 Alliance of Small Island States Statement on the Adoption of the Rio +20 Outcome document Barbados Programme of Action Mauritius Strategy Global Conf. Sustainable Development SIDS Report 2004
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